About Rabbitsoft

Rabbitsoft wants to make all enterprises connected using new and effective technologies. It was founded in 2008 with the goal of enabling better connections, collaboration and communication not just within a business but across traditional boundaries, so that customers, suppliers, partners and stakeholders all benefit from informed connections.

One of the most important philosophies is that our products are market driven. Rabbitsoft wants to ensure that all of our products are developed in line with the needs of today’s business

  • Increased flexibility of working
  • Business continuity demands
  • IT Governance and compliance
  • Focus on customer delivery
  • Expectations of Generation Y workers
  • Recruitment and retention of high-value employees

Board of Directors

Tayfun Bilsel, Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Tayfun Bilsel is the Founder & CEO of Rabbitsoft, creator of CLINKED.COM - headquartered in Cambridge, United Kingdom. He is responsible for sales, marketing, engineering and strategic direction of the company.

He is an MBA Candidate at University of Cambridge, Judge Business School and holds an MSc in Information Technology (Software Engineering) from the University of Liverpool and degree in Computer Technology & Programming from Bilkent University. His professional experiences include 26 years in information technologies as a CEO, Managing Director, Chief Technology Officer, IT Manager, System Analyst, and Software Developer.

His expertise include inbound marketing - customer acquisition through inbound channels, content marketing, solution selling and growth hacking.

He has in depth knowledge about social collaboration, teamwork and project management applications, cloud computing, corporate intranets & extranets, document & content management systems and software development using Agile methodologies (Scrum & XP)

Victor Stekly, Co-founder & Director
Victor graduated in Electronics Engineering from Edinburgh University and did postgraduate research in Welding. He served as CEO of Welding Alloys Group (a company with manufacturing operations in 30 countries worldwide) from 2003 to 2013 where he has introduced innovative practices and expanded the company worldwide. He also served as Chairman of a sister company, Injection Alloys Group, and currently co-founder of an instrument company.

Victor started the company with Tayfun, and he serves on the company’s board of directors. He holds a private pilot’s licence, enjoys skiing and most sports.

Joe Attueyi, Director
Alumnus of University of Nigeria, JMW Europe’s Leaders of The Future program, Harvard Business School (GMP class of ’06) is CEO of DWC Exploration and Production Company Ltd a West Africa focused oil and gas company. A serial entrepreneur he sits on the board of various companies in different sectors of the economy.